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    The operation begins with a piece of soft clay , hat, stool and a half-naked woman . The internal volume of a hat withdraws a equal volume of clay . Part of clay is placed on the floor and before the feet experiment texture, copper foil is placed between the sole and clay . Another part of the clay is placed on top of a stool and before the naked body support the seat , another copper foil is placed. Coming off the bench, before the woman unload her weight on one arm , another part of the clay is placed on the edge of the bench , another sheet of copper arises between clay and palm . When leaving, the body wears the hat leaving the leftover clay from the straw and hair . Among them is copper foil . Seven benches are visited by seven bodies simultaneously or successively by the same body. The clay is sculpted by the first contact with the body , always with the copper foil on top. Along with all the bas-reliefs of clay copper-plated there`s a tooth , a small funnel and a thimble . A copper wire unfolds through the bench, connecting the three pieces of clay on the ground , on the top and on the edge .

    Events are timeless even being connected by a line , or the line is the same time being interrupted by events .

    In the book Baroque Lilies , performance is presented in photographs, together with a letter or secret diary , where a young man describes the moment when his body fills with pleasure the return visit to a hidden corner in the rainforest where it naked bathes in a small stream .