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    TUNGA- Uma partida de xadrez/ Inside up upside down

    • The Gods and men are together, as usual. Zeus is there, on the first row, and instructs Prometeus to proceeding the distribution. How he is going to act ?

      Prometeus brings a huge bovid, a fantastic bull, that he kills, and after that, he shreds it. He cuts the animal in two parts. Each part prepared by Prometeus is going to set  the diference in status between Men and Gods. In other words, this cut is going to define the border that separates men from the Gods.

      Prometeus acts as a normal  greek sacrifice: kills the animal, pulls the skin and after that, starts to cut the meat. The first step is fully stripping the long bones from the posterior and inferior members, that is called, ostéa and leuká, wich are cleaned in order to take all the meat that involves it. After this task, Prometeus puts all the bones of the beast together. He forms with them a lot, and then wraps all in a thin layer of white and appealing fat. It`s ready the first package. After that, he prepares the second one. On the second one, Prometeus places all the kréa, the  good meat, all that you can eat. This  comestible meat is covered with the skin of the bull,  and the package is placed inside the gáster, that means stomach, on the guts of the animal, ugly for the eyes, viscous.


      That`s how the division is represented: one side, the appealing fat with nothing but the naked bones, and on the other side, a ugly package made with the stomach of the bull with all that is good to eat inside of it. Prometeus sets the two package on the table, right in front of Zeus. Depending on this choice, will be drawn in one way or another, the boundary between men and the gods.