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    Let’s consider this ‘throb’. Lúcido Nigredo and Noite Escura (Dark Night) are complementary artworks that were executed at different times. Lúcido Nigredo, is a work whose shiny parts ¬- glass, snooker balls and beads - help define the non-shiny parts - iron filings, felt, brush and magnets. The totality generates an opaque brilliance that is the reverse of the light at dusk. An embodiment of the night, a brightness without light, a powdered night. In Noite escura (Dark Night), the iron filings cover but do not obscure the magnets; we see the nocturnal sand inside the bottles and the declaration of the magnetic nights. The many objects are covered with black liquid rubber as though eyelids cast down to enter the night pond. The eyelids fall, the filings cluster around the magnets, the rubber covers the translucent glass. The possibility is the result of the power